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 “Architects and designers have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals.” 

Dr. Claudia Miller, University of Texas

The convergence of science and design- “neuroaesthetics”- is changing the future of the interior design build industry. 

Science in Design Summit: Evidence based educational sessions on the convergence of science in design and the impact on client health



Scientists and medical professionals at leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, the Mayo Clinic, the University of Texas and more, now document the health benefits of fine design.

Now for the first time, residential architects and design professionals are realizing the health benefits they bring to their clients. The Science in Design Summit is a series of educational events happening across the country in 2022. America’s leading design centers are stepping up to bring this cutting-edge science to the design industry.

Some of the many highlights will be evidenced based presentations around Neuroaesthetics, Biophilia, Human-Centric Design, Impact of Color and Cognitive Architecture, and how all of these positively impact the health in design.


Be the first in your market to:

  • Use cutting edge science and technology to improve the health of your clients

  • Associate your design firm with the country's leading science and medical authorities

  • Enhance the value proposition of your design practice

  • Validate what you already improve the health of your clients with beauty and fine design. Science now proves it!

Is it Science? Art? Design?
Or is it...... the science in design?


The Science in Design Summit is an unforgettable education that will guide your designs of tomorrow...Designs born in science!

The Science in Design seminars will provide content by:

  • Susan Magsamen, Executive Director, International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University, USA

  • Don Ruggles, Architect and author of “Beauty, Neuroscience and Architecture”, USA 

  • Ann Sussman, Professor of Cognitive Architecture, USA

  • Mike Peterson, President of Visionary Design Marketing, USA

  • Richard Taylor, PHD, Department of Physics, University of Oregon, USA

  • Michael D. Ham, Indoor Environment Quality and President, Founder of Repure, USA

  • Nuria Munoz, Director of Habitarmonia Interior Design, Valencia, Spain

  • and additional science and medical scholars.

Mike Peterson, President of Visionary Design Marketing, and co-producer of the summit says, “Science is leading the way to helping the design industry better understand its ability to improve health. Yes, improve health. It’s a game changer”.

Mr. Peterson is partnering with Linda Kafka, Producer of the LivABLE Design Summit, Toronto, Canada, to advance the cause of health-based design.


Also growing is the long list of sponsors backing the event with Benjamin Moore, Currey & Co., Ethos Design Collective, Interiors Magazine, Human Architecture + Planning Institute ( and supported by over 9 design centers across America and in Canada.



To all in-person and virtual attendees: The entire summit will be available on the website for 30 days following the event.

WHY Designers need to attend the Science in Design Summit. A message from Mike Peterson, Co-Founder

Science In Design Faculty

We are proud to work alongside leading brands to bring you this exclusive event.  Thank you to our brand partners for making this event possible

SUMMIT Dates and Locations


  1. Chicago, IL - The Merchandise Mart, 2023

  2. New York, NY, 2023

  3. Virtual Science in Design Summit, FALL 2023

  4. Science in Design Certification, October 2023


What People are Saying

"Understanding the science behind design allows my firm to position ourselves in providing health benefits to our clients."

Janelle Dion

“This is big. It's a game changer for the interior design and furnishings industry.”

Mark Philips

"We did a completely new rebrand of our interior design firm after attending a Science in Design event."

Cynthia Soda

Coming April 23, 2023
New High Point Market Tour

Nature x Design image2.png

This new exclusive HPMKT tour will educate interior designers on the new emerging field of biophilic design and how to create environments that support well-being.  Your experienced tour guide, Linda Kafka, will take you on an unforgettable showroom journey where you'll discover products of biomorphic forms and patterns, materials with a connection to nature, complexity and order, along with fractal patterning, textures and color selections.  You will learn about the visual and non-visual connections with nature and why they are important in your designs. 

During this tour, you will hear from Mike Peterson, co-founder of the Science in Design Summit, on the “human need for nature.” Mike will share modern day design examples of biophilia's prospect and refuge, modes of mystery, and the thrill that risk and peril evoke when added to spaces.

We will visit select showrooms offering a range of beautiful furniture, accessories, art, lighting and rugs that stimulate a biophilic response. 

This tour will provide the foundation's necessary for thinking and designing more critically about the human connection with nature and how biophilic patterns can be used as a tool for improving health and well-being in the residential built environment.


Coming October 2023

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 1.41.02 PM.png

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Meet the

Co-Founders of the Science in Design Summit; Mike Peterson, President Visionary DM

Linda Kafka, President Livable Environment Inc.

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